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Mobilization Agony In Ukraine With Desperate Efforts To Find Additional 500,000 Draftees

This mobilization decree puts the population in the concentration camp that prepares men and women for the slaughter on the battlefield.

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KYIV – We continue to observe the situation in Ukraine. Recent news is quite shocking. The government issued a decree (to be enforced in January, but the actions are already seen on the streets) to increase the mobilization efforts and plan to draft 500,000 men into the army.

We understand that this quantity of new conscripts into the army is required to cover the death toll and the quantity of wounded and disabled after 2 years of war in Ukraine. 

Here is a direct quote from the Secretary of the Defense Committee of the Verkhovna Rada:

“The mobilization of 450,000 to 500,000 people is necessary to replenish sanitary losses and to form new units,” said Roman Kostenko, People’s Deputy, Secretary of the Defense Committee of the Verkhovna Rada.

He stated the citizens thought that Ukraine would soon win, and therefore decided that it was okay not to prepare for mobilization, and the words about the need to draft half a million Ukrainians became a “cold shower.”

On the same day of the new Mobilization Decree was announced, crazy hardened checkpoints were installed on the roads in and out of cities in Ukraine. Kyiv was blocked on many main streets. Drivers report that the checkpoints are used to issue mobilization notices to everyone in cars and buses moving on the streets.

Lies about the mobilization are everywhere. Both President Zelensky and Commander Zaluzhny lie about the mobilization quantity.

When asked about the mobilization plans on Dec 25th, Chief Commander Zaluzhny declared the Army Chief of Staff did not ask for additional 500,000 men to be mobilized into the army. This clearly contradicts the announcement by other army and governmental officials. We see this as a play on the population.

The President’s office deliberately delayed the introduction of the bill until the holidays in order to give a gift to Ukrainians and prepare the necessary informational background. For Bankova, it is important that the responsibility for the mobilization falls on Zaluzhny, and Zelensky will act as a moderator and push the military. It is only worth remembering one fact that the draft law was submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers, and Zelensky is the Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine.

The government of Ukraine plans to use disabled in the army and to decrease the quantity of disabled veterans by keeping them in the army until death.

Below is the complete list of ailment categories for which a person can be assigned.

🔸 absence of one eye, blindness in one eye;

🔸 palsy of the hand, stump of the upper limb, absence of fingers;

🔸 thigh or shin stump. Shortening of the legs by 7 centimeters or more.

🔸 absence of kidney, lung or bladder;

🔸 castration in men;

🔸 an inoperable jaw defect in which a person cannot chew normally and loses weight;

🔸 dwarfism with growth below 130 centimeters in men.

How to mobilize disabled? Why? Both President Zelensky and Commander Zaluzhny lie about the mobilization quantity.

We understand the new decree by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in joint efforts with the Army Chief of Staff and the Ministry of Defense is planned to decrease the quantity of disabled by simply killing them in the bloodshed. This is a plan to decrease the population and the quantity of the army veterans and disabled in Ukraine in order not to pay the money to the disabled veterans and their families for disability. This plan was demanded by IMF representatives in Ukraine in unofficial conversation with the government of Ukraine.

People’s deputy of Bezuglai writes on his page on social networks that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny wants to leave persons with disabilities the right to deferment from mobilization.

At the same time, Bezuglaya published a screenshot from a letter from the General Staff to the VRU Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence signed by Zaluzhny.


This is an agony. This is a break. This new mobilization effort will frustrate and anger the remaining population of Ukraine. This mobilization decree puts the population in the concentration camp that prepares men and women for the slaughter on the battlefield.

This mobilization decree prepares the privately owned military drafting companies to kidnap people on the street for USD 250 per head (reported earlier!), arrest people on the streets, block their bank accounts, arrest property, take away the passport and belongings. This is a decree of a slavery for Ukrainians.

Did Ukrainians begin the war to become the slaves in their own country? What was the war about? What were the reasons?

The situation is out of control in Ukraine.

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