Ukraine war

Russia Becoming More Economically Dependent on China

Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow Monday for meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The visit has been anticipated as Russia is traditionally the first country a re-elected Chinese leader visits, and Xi was recently re-elected to a third 5-year term as China’s General Secretary. While both Russia and China have long described their relationship as a strategic partnership and friendly, Russia’s war in Ukraine has changed the dynamic of the two countries’ relationship from one of cooperation and partnership to one of co-dependency.

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Hundreds Gather In Washington To Protest War In Ukraine

Hundreds of anti-war protesters gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on Sunday to protest the war in Ukraine. The turnout of thousands that organizers had anticipated did not materialize. The event called “Rage Against the War Machine,” sponsored by the Libertarian Party and the People’s Party, was broadcast live stream on YouTube with a few thousand viewers. The event included an eclectic group of speakers, the most significant being Dennis Kucinich, Tulsi Gabbard, and Ron Paul.

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