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Zelenskiy Knew About The Invasion  – Didn’t Order Evacuation Of People

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KYIV – We regret to inform you the current president of Ukraine is a war criminal. Numerous witness accounts from Ukraine confirm Zelenskiy and Yermak knew about the invasion and the dates of the invasion. Zelenskiy and Yermak did not begin the process of evacuation of civilians from the territories near the borders of Russia, neither did they mine the territories, neither did they install defense lines to guard the territories and cities. All cities that withstood the invasion were guarded by civilian volunteers.

Here is one of the witnesses for you to decide. General Kyrylo Budanov. He is one of the youngest generals in Ukraine. 

According to Budanov, the date of the beginning of the full-scale invasion was constantly postponed by the Russians. During the last two weeks before it happened, they had been dragging it out for a day or two. “But on the 23rd, at about 2:30 p.m., I think, we clearly received information that at four in the morning there would be a start and exactly how. This was brought to the chief of state (Zelenskiy and Yermak). He gave the order. But just count, by 4 in the morning there wasn’t much time left,” the intelligence officer said in the episode of the “Ukrainian Pravda” podcast “24.02: Reconstruction”.

According to Budanov, he had a phone conversation with Yermak during the night of Feb 24th. He talked with Yermak until almost four o’clock. Budanov recalled that already at approximately 04:20 a.m. Russian missiles began to fly over the territory of Ukraine.

Now we clearly see that Yermak and Zelenskiy and a close circle of generals knew about the invasion and the scale of invasion. There was a deliberate decision not to guard the borders and not to evacuate the civilians from the cities. This is why Russian troops entered Ukraine and drove 200 km without any interference. This is why the city of Mariupol (approximately, 500k people) was occupied in a matter of days. 

Witnesses in cities of Sumy, Chernigov, Mariupol, Kherson say the police, SBU and city officials left cities before the occupation day – they all knew about the invasion.

All events after Feb 24th went in the direction that Yermak and Zelenskiy didn’t forecast – the population and the remaining generals decided to defend and fight back. We understand that some part of the Army didn’t know about the invasion and plans to withdraw and, thus, decided to fight the Russians while they were advancing to mainland Ukraine. 

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