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As Brexit Approaches, Britain Shows The Flag In The Baltics

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With Brexit approaching, the United Kingdom is keen to show it is still a player on the world stage. After all, the island nation is still an integral, and important part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO alliance.

Putin Shouldn’t Feel Too Good About Russians in the Baltics

To achieve this goal, Britain landed a company-sized unit in the Netherlands for an overland trek to participate in a large NATO exercise, meant to deter the Russian Federation in the region.

The contingent of some 150 soldiers on board 71 military vehicles rolled off a civilian passenger ferry in the Hook of Holland port after travelling overnight from Harwich.

They are embarking on the first leg of a trip through northern Europe to Norway for NATO’s Trident Juncture exercise, which is designed to show Russia the alliance is ready to repel any attack, reported The Baltic Times.

“The road trip is really important”, British army spokesman Major Stuart Lavery told AFP.

“This is about the British military showing in a post-Brexit world that we’re still committed to Europe and to NATO…We’re absolutely committed that in a year’s time we’ll still be able to do this, so this (Brexit) won’t make any difference. We’re getting ready for it now.”

Estonia Strengthening Defense Cooperation With United Kingdom In Baltics

The Trident Juncture exercise will see some 50,000 troops deploy into the first snows of a Norwegian winter. It will be the biggest such movement of NATO personnel and vehicles since at least the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, although smaller than the Vostok-18 exercise staged by Russia and China last month, added The Baltic Times.

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