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Thousands Protest In Poland Over Judicial Reform…Government Holds Firm Against Leftists

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Thousands turned out in Warsaw, Poland and 20 other Polish cities to protest judicial reform brought by the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS). The demonstrators see the changes as a threat to the rule of law. The EU has backed this view of the reforms in the conservative country.

However, the government says communist influence was never fully removed from the court system after the end of the Soviet Union, and Polish independence. The measures give the government the ability to force retirement for Supreme Court judges. Another facet allows nominations of judges by the legislature, as in the United States. Before, judges were appointed by an outside judicial panel which conservatives say prevented reform and good governance.

Juncker’s Praise Of Marx Undercuts EU Bullying Of Poland Over Judicial Reform

The corrupt liberal media seized on these demonstrations to criticize and shame the Polish government, without giving both sides of the issue. Words such as ‘nationalist’ and ‘far right’ dominate the legacy media coverage.

“The PiS argues that Poland’s judiciary was not properly reformed after the end of communism in 1989 and that the courts need to be fairer and more efficient,” wrote the BBC, after writing about the usual disdain for the party in power.

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