If I wanted to Destroy an Enemy Society, I would Fund their Universities to Teach Toxic Masculinity

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I’ve often wondered at the genesis of the “toxic masculinity” movement and the agenda to emasculate American males. It is obvious to me it did not come naturally, because it is simply not natural, not based on biology or human nature. It is also obvious that it’s being nurtured, promoted and, yes, funded by someone.

I have a hunch who it is.

I have written a lot about how although the West won the first Cold War battle, communism didn’t go away. It simply metastasized into our universities and media, willing to wait a long time to defeat the United States and freedom in a long, drawn-out, slow death.

It is working.

Democrats Are Not Patriots; They Are Criminals

Foreign Policy writes in a recent article regarding China-funded Confucius Centers in American universities. “China’s Confucius Institutes sound similar enough to these Western institutions. But their activities are far more pernicious. Though the Confucius Institutes present themselves as a vehicle for cultural diplomacy, it would be more accurate to think of them as a way for China to subvert American higher education. And, without greater vigilance by American universities, this is precisely what they will accomplish.

“But those opportunities come with plenty of strings attached. I’ve just completed a two-year research report on 12 Confucius Institutes in New York and New Jersey. I found that Confucius Institutes operate as central nodes in the deepening relationship between China and Western universities — many of which are dependent on full-tuition-paying Chinese students and desperate for funding for humanities programs. But Confucius Institutes also serve as a vehicle for Chinese propaganda, restricting what the teachers they supply from China can say, distorting what students learn and pressuring American professors to censor themselves.”

If I wanted to destroy a possible military opponent from within, I would promote the idea of “toxic masculinity.” What a better way to remove the powerful threat of an opposing army than to turn all its men into soy boys? What a better way to make an army less militarily effective in combat than to make half of the army female, the weaker sex physically? (Before you scream sexism, that is just a biological fact, unless you no longer believe in biology, you believe in Bernie’s rainbows.)

These People Have To Be Defeated

Our educational system is not just failing, it is complicit in an attempt to destroy the national security of this country. This is not an accident, it is a robust agenda.

The left is very worried about Vladimir Putin’s Russia, but it is not at all worried about Xi’s China. I wonder why? Remember Bill Clinton selling the Lincoln bedroom to the Chinese agent? Could it be because of the money?

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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