Democrats Are Not Patriots; They Are Criminals

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I was talking to a Russian a few years ago regarding the corruption in Moscow, and their comment was, “All politicians want to do is get the power, then they can just steal anything they want. Money is the reason behind all the problems in our country.”

I had forgotten about that comment until earlier this week when I had to drive through one of the s—thole cities along the Connecticut coast.

When you see the urban devastation inflicted by the Democratic Party on this once great state, there is no other conclusion except that corruption is the reason for the decay.

There is not a lack of money in Democrat-controlled cities; there is a lack of responsibility, and simply a problem of theft. Destroyed roads, rusted buildings, homeless, lack of economic opportunity … these are the things that are brought with ‘progressive’ policies, along with the highest taxes in the country.

When It Comes To Trump-Russia, Just The Facts Please

Where does all that money go? It sure doesn’t go into infrastructure. It goes into the pockets of politicians and their supporters.

It reminds me of Obama’s ‘stimulus’ package after his election. He spent almost a trillion dollars, but the ‘shovel-ready projects weren’t as shovel ready as he thought!’

Only around $30 billion went to infrastructure construction. The rest went to unions. In other words, he stole the money. Have you been to an airport in New York lately? We still have the same infrastructure issues we did before Obama wasted the money on his friends.

Now the Democrats are calling themselves patriots, trying to continue the anti-Trump narrative that he is a traitor. They are not patriots; they are criminals.

On top of the financial and economic malpractice, they did everything to clear Hillary Clinton of her crimes and to frame President Trump. It is obvious.

Mr. Trump has made an amazing amount of progress during his first 18 months. He has a long way to go to clean up the cesspool of crime left behind by Obama.

These People Have To Be Defeated

And to think Hillary Clinton might have been president. Then the inmates would have been running the prison.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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