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Hungary’s Orban Praises Italian Decision To Refuse Migrant Ship – “Finally!”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has been leading the charge against the ‘open borders’ policy of the European Union, and against the George Soros agenda, praised Italy for refusing to allow a migrant ship to dock carrying over six-hundred people.

Orban: Christianity Is Europe’s Last Hope

Viktor Orban said his initial reaction to the news was a sigh of “Finally!” Orban said it had been “so depressing” to hear for years that Europe’s maritime borders cannot be defended that “one practically lost the will to live,” reported Associated Press.

Orban Looks To Form New Hungarian Government, Continue Anti-Soros Agenda In 3rd Consecutive Term

Speaking Tuesday after a meeting with his Slovak counterpart, Peter Pellegrini, Orban said that Italy’s decision to turn away the Aquarius rescue vessel, with 629 migrants onboard, was a “great moment which may truly bring changes in Europe’s migration policies.”

The migrants are preparing for a trip to Spain, where the country’s new prime minister has offered them safe harbor, wrote AP.

Orban has declared previously that Soros and the EU were trying to ‘Muslimize’ Europe. The Central European nation, along with others in the Visegrad Group, have refused to resettle additional migrants from Italy and Europe’s southern periphery in coordination with Brussels, leading to sanctions from the European Parliament. Central European leaders have stated that protecting their culture and security takes priority over resettling migrants. Crime and terror have drastically increased in Western Europe after enacting the economic migrant resettlement policy. Many conservative analysts believe that the migrant wave is one of an Islamic political movement, and invasion strategy, rather than flight from persecution, as Leftists claim.

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