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For Once, Pentagon Praises Russian Cooperation In Syria

For Once, Pentagon Praises Russian Cooperation In Syria
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After U.S. forces shot down a Syrian drone and attacked pro-regime forces that had crossed a deconfliction line, it seems Russian military officials calmed the situation and prevented a larger fight erupting between American and Syrian forces.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said as much during a military briefing on the issue today.

The contacts between the United States and Russian over the deconfliction line for Syria operations have been helpful in addressing the situation in al-Tanf, US Department of Defense spokesperson Capt. Jeff Davis said in a briefing on Friday, reported Russian international state news agency Sputnik.

“Russia has been very helpful, and I think the calm that we see today is largely due to their efforts,” Davis told reporters. “We hope that continues,” he added.

Earlier today, the Russian Defense Ministry slammed the move, saying that it seems that the US-led coalition is more interested in bombing the Syrian army instead of fighting terrorists. It also accused the coalition and Syrian rebels it supports of “conspiring” with Daesh leaders by letting them leave encirlement and move to other areas, reported Sputnik.

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