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Poland And France Kiss And Make Up

French President Emmanuel Macron and Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo have decided to try and bury the hatchet. “After talks in Paris, the two leaders remained at odds over their main dispute — workers from Eastern Europe posted by their employer in richer EU countries — but said they were looking for compromise,” wrote Associated Press.

“It was a good, much-needed meeting. We were able to explain many questions to each other and we agreed to hold more talks…I trust that it will be possible for us to find a compromise” on the issue of truck drivers and posted workers, said Szydlo.

Poland Strikes Back Against EU Legal Action, Demands Reparations For WWII

France has previously criticized judicial reform in Poland along with other EU members. The migration of Polish workers to Western Europe has also caused tension between the two nations. France was also irritated by the Polish cancellation of a large helicopter deal.

“No member of the EU should judge reforms that another country is leading,” Macron said.

EU Council President Tusk Bashes Poland In Public

“We were able to clarify many doubts, but, naturally, there remain issues that still divide us, which is a natural thing, because the interests of France are different from the interests of Poland,” said Szydlo.

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