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Moscow Welcomes China’s Missiles Near Russian Border

Moscow Welcomes China’s Missiles Near Russian Border


Earlier on Tuesday, the newspaper Global Times reported that China had deployed its most advanced inter-continental ballistic missiles DF-41 in Heilongjiang Province bordering Russia. Images of China’s newest weapon system went public on Monday, which caused some doubts that publication of the photos might have been timed for the inauguration of US President Donald Trump.


Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, declared today Moscow does not regard China’s armed forces deployment near the Russian border as a threat. Peskov said that China is Russia’s strategic ally, a partner in the political and trade-economic terms.


“We do not regard China’s efforts to develop its armed forces as a threat, and even if this information [about the deployment of intercontinental ballistic missiles near the Russian borders] is true, we see no risks for our country” – he said.


The three-stage solid propellant DF-41 was designed by China’s Academy of Rocket Motor Technology. It is armed with a multiple warhead consisting of ten to twelve independently manageable reentry vehicles. Ground-based mobile has a maximum range of more than 10,000 kilometers.

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