Ukraine, A Country Of Misery: A Dictatorship With Significant Foreign Control

In the Claws of Despots – Photographic Art – (Russo-Ukrainian war)
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This is the next article in the series of articles dedicated to Ukraine.

Illegitimate status of the war and the state in Ukraine

KYIV – As you may know there is a war going on in Ukraine. Wait, how do they call it? A hot conflict? A special military operation? What’s the legal status of the war in Ukraine? You will be surprised – it’s not a war. Neither Ukraine, nor Russia declared war on each other. Neither Russia, nor Ukraine confirmed it’s a war. The Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) didn’t confirm it’s a war, rather they implemented a special temporary status, voting for “military situation”, martial law (Voyenniy stan) in place. 

Here is a link to the presidential order that assigned the military situation in Ukraine.

What’s more important to understand and realize, is President Zelenskiy and his close circle, all oligarchs, knew about the war starting on Feb 24th, evacuated their families, money and major parts of wealth out of the country. More importantly, President Zelenskiy confirmed in his interview to the Washington Post that he decided not to warn Ukrainians about the upcoming attack by Russia.

Numerous witnesses declare they knew the war would start, but were ordered not to tell anyone. Numerous witnesses saw the moving of the military equipment around the country. Read the table below to understand the facts and the consequences of the events.

  • May 23, 2019 – Ukrainian President Zelenskiy signed a decree on the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada – Unconstitutional illegitimate decree for new elections to install a puppet government
  • 3:30 February 22, 2022 – The war starts
  • 24 February 2022 – 08:57 – Military status declared by the President – Unconstitutional illegitimate decree. A war should be announced by the Verkhovna Rada; the martial law should have been declared on the basis of Constitutional Act of the War on Sovereignty of Ukraine. Illegitimate status, leading to next illegitimate steps.
  • Laws of Ukraine on the Martial Law and the Military status – Note: a lot of small laws have been changed in 2021-22-23 limiting freedoms of civilians. Article 77. Regular elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine take place on the last Sunday of October of the fifth year of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine’s mandate. The imposition of martial law cannot be the basis for the use of torture, cruel or degrading treatment or punishment. Any attempt to use the imposition of martial law to seize power entails liability under the law. Article 22: The inadmissibility of using the legal regime of martial law to seize power and violate the rights and freedoms of citizens and the rights and legitimate interests of legal entities
  • 28.07.2023 – Speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine Stefanchuk: “There is no ban on holding elections during martial law in the Constitution”. The elections to the Parliament should be held regardless of the war activities in some parts of the territory of Ukraine. Illegitimate status, leading to next illegitimate steps.
  • 15.05.2023 – Volodymyr Zelensky: “The Constitution prohibits any elections during martial law. If there is no martial law, then there will be elections. Well, the law says that according to the Constitution of Ukraine, after the end of martial law, I think elections are held in 90 days”. Illegitimate status, leading to next illegitimate steps.
  • Prolongation of the military status voted by the Verkhovna Rada on July 28th 2023. Article 22: The inadmissibility of using the legal regime of martial law to seize power and violate the rights and freedoms of citizens and the rights and legitimate interests of legal entities. Unconstitutional state in Ukraine. Dictatorship of the Office of the President on all government bodies.

Preparation of unconstitutional elections in 2019

As you see from the table above President Zelenskiy signed an unconstitutional decree on the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. That move was declared necessary to restore justice in Ukraine required to kick out the proxies of the oligarchs from the parliament of Ukraine. Nobody asked the population, the referendum was not held. The TV screen and media ruled the elections. The preparation of the elections was very fast. The party of “Servant of the People” (under the leadership of Zelenskiy) was created immediately. IT people were hired to implement the SEO optimization and digital strategy for the party of Zelenskiy. The recruiters (and friends) of the Party of “Servant of the People” (Zelenskiy) were calling their friends and friends of friends suggesting to buy a place in the list of potential parliamentarians. When they could not get a payment from sponsors or people willing to pay to get into the list, they would suggest to enter the game for free in exchange for barter services provided. The party of “Servant of the People” (Zelenskiy) struggled to find professionals, instead they called friends of friends. Ignorant and incompetent people were drafted into the list via nepotism, friendly relations, etc. 

Election day

On the elections day we visited the Elections. The booklets and placards of the party of “Servant of the People” contained ignorance at its best. No plan for economic, social and political activities was described. The candidates of the party “Servant of the People” didn’t even bother to write their resumes. The booklets contained white spaces where the candidates’ resume should have been located. The booklets of the party  “Servant of the People” contained non-sense, ignorance and white spaces. No real economic or social plan was presented – ignorant zero. The list of the candidates contained local criminals, actors, barbers, drivers and private entrepreneurs. People who tried to read the placards and the booklets laughed.

Even Julia Tymoshenko presented her program for economic, social and political activities for the Verkhovna Rada and her political party “Batkyvshyna”. People who attended the elections would stand in electoral places (located at schools traditionally), read the ignorance on the placards and booklets, spit, curse, shout at each other, laugh, sigh, go and sign for somebody in hidden booths. People were left with no choice. 22 parties presented their candidates on the elections – all of them contained criminals, ignoramuses, proxies of oligarchs of various sizes, proxies of international donors and proxies of international security organizations. The population didn’t really have a choice – there were really few (<1%) of the candidates who were professionals in what they do. Only small portion of the population could understand who they voted for. Traditional elections in Ukraine are won based on “I know him/her, I feel”, not on the basis “He/she is professional with pristine reputation”.

Events prior and after the parliamentary elections

Approximately, 3-4 weeks prior to the elections, some people in the Office of the President knew the potential quantity of the deputies they would control in the parliament. Those people were in close contact with the Kyiv School of Economics, namely, Timofiy Mylovanov, who in turn is closely related to some people at the Embassy of the USA in Kyiv. The Kyiv School of Economics was hired without a tender to provide training to future parliamentarians. The training was being organized before the elections took place in secret in uknown location. Sometime after, the journalists got to know the rumors about the training. The quantity of potential deputies for the training outside of Kyiv was estimated at 350-400. Thus, it was estimated that the ruling party would take almost all seats the in parliament without any problem. When the elections took place, the quantity of deputy seats won was confirmed. The training took place in Truskavets in SPA resort. Ukrainians were shocked by the low level of competence and acute ignorance of whom they have chosen for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (a parliament). Nothing could be do about that after the elections. People sighed and laughed. Professionals understood the elections were staged. 

Current composition of the Verkhovna Rada (a parliament of Ukraine)

Let’s review the current composition of the parliament of Ukraine to understand what makes this situation in Ukraine an illegitimate dictatorship.

Name of the political partyControl, sponsor, financingQuantity% from real quantity in Rada% from total
Servant of the people (Zelenskiy party)Undisclosed sponsors from the USA, Soros affiliated organizations, Kolomoiskiy, mini-criminals from Ukraine and local businessmen, donations from the population23759%53%
For the FutureKolomoiskiy (criminal oligarchs)184%4%
DoviraYatsenyuk, Poroshenko, Baloha (criminal oligarchs)184%4%
European solidarity (PES)Poroshenko (criminal oligarch)277%6%
BatkyvschinaTimoshenko (criminal oligarch)246%5%
Platform for life and peaceBoyko, Medvedchuk, Rabinovich (criminal oligarchs)225%5%
Restoration of UkraineMidi-oligarchs and proxies of large oligarchs184%4%
Independentvarious proxies and speakers of oligarch groups; also trying to make own political party215%5%
Vacant 45 10%


Without vacant405

Coalition + Conditional coalition

Coalition total27367%85%

Conditional coalition7118%

Opposition total6115%


What makes this situation a dictatorship if 1) there were elections 2) there is a war which is not a war legitimately?

The answer is: the process is not legitimate. The war has not been called a war. The parliament is full of fakes, figureheads, proxies, ignoramuses, who obtained their positions via nepotism or by accident in a series of organized events and behind the curtains agreements. The parliament of Ukraine is fully controlled by the sponsors. The people’s deputies (representatives, parliamentarians) obtain their salaries in envelopes (5-25 th USD per person monthly depending on the seniority and friendship with inner circles). The “behind-the-curtains” treasurers have their offices in secret locations in Kyiv.

Please, note the current coalition in the Verkhovna Rada controls 85% of votes. The current coalition is fully under control from the Office of the President and sponsors. The groups of sponsors are identified in the table. You can see the current parliament is fully sponsored and influenced by the current oligarchs in Ukraine and contains 2 groups of representatives that are under control and sponsorship from outside of Ukraine. Specifically, the sponsors and financing for the party of Golos Ukraine comes from the Soros affiliated organizations. The sponsorship and financing for the party “Servant of the People” (Zelenskiy party) comes from undisclosed (as of now) sponsors from the USA, Soros affiliated organization, and, the old friend of Zelenskiy, a criminal-oligarch, a famous looter Kolomoiskiy. 

We see enormous risk for Ukraine as a country. We ask all people who care in Ukraine or abroad to stop the dictatorship and people who continue to devastate the country. A real reconstruction of the state has be implemented based on the decision of all Ukrainian referendum organized according to the Constitution of Ukraine. 


https://korrespondent.net/ukraine/4099229-vstupyl-v-sylu-ukaz-zelenskoho-o-rospuske-rady https://www.currenttime.tv/a/29955006.html

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