The Albanian West Coast, A Paradise Worth Visiting

The southwest coast of Albania is not to be missed, if you plan to spend your holidays in this small and unknown country. It is the most fascinating part of the area, known as a genuine paradise.

People of this region that you will encounter while travelling are very proud to announce they are from the coast, as if this is sufficient to make you understand they may come from places such as: Palas, Dhermi, Vuno, Himare, Qeparo, Borsh, Lukove,Piqeras or Saint Vasil…all these small villages extend along Jonian Sea where blue and green are mixed marvellously in deep waters, in front of pebbled, small, romantic beaches.

The Albanian West Coast, A paradise Worth Visiting

The coast line starts from Palasa, after climbing down the mountaneous resort of Llogara amidst pine forests, which is breathtaking.

Theth, The Northern Albanian Paradise

From up the mountain, you have a unique view of the blue sea, as if you are in paradise.

The road along the coast is narrow, full of risky and abrupt curves, so while passengers admire the scenery, the driver has to be very attentive and careful.

The Albanian West Coast, A paradise Worth Visiting

Dhermi beach is considered by Albanians to be the most expensive along the coast, but not for Europeans. You can find expensive and cheap hotels, villas or rooms, as well as camping for those who do not want to spend a lot. You can settle in one of the dozen coastal villages and then visit the whole coast within day, due to the short distance. Tourists definitely should pay a visit to Livadh and Llaman beaches near Himara that offer wonderful sea and delicious food of all sorts – Albanian, Italian, Greek. The sea water is warm and calm during all the day. As a suggetion, it is good to wear beach sandals, as the area is rocky.

Further down south is the well-preserved Venetian castle of Porto Palermo, which during the Ottoman Empire was reconstructed and administered by Ali Pashe Tepelena. In front of the castle, there is a submarine base, no longer functional, but still a military base.

Drug Apocalypse In Albania

Bunec and Lukova caves are not to be missed either. Under olive trees facing the sea, you can have perfect barbeques.

The Albanian West Coast, A paradise Worth Visiting

Albania is well known for its hospitality, so it is quite a safe place for tourists. You can go camping without being afraid of being attacked or robbed. The food is good and fresh, mostly seafood cooked deliciously, all at affordable prices for foreigners.

Come and visit Albanian West Coast – the paradise is waiting….

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