The Existential Threat To America Is China Not Russia And Trump Gets It

Many conservative comedians and commentators love to walk up to ignorant, American social justice warriors on campus and video tape them railing against a supposed Trump policy that was really Barack Obama’s. Their ignorance, however, is really not that funny; it’s sad.

I have an idea for a similar stunt. Let’s video tape an SJW’s response to the description of an adversary that has stolen America’s weapons designs and hijacked other strategic technologies, run up a half-trillion a year in trade advantage, militarized one of the most important sea lanes in the world, and sent at least 40,000 spies into the United States. Oh, and by the way, per many metrics this nation’s economy is set to soon pass the GDP of the USA, due to all this theft. Let’s also say this nation is one of the most repressive in the world, and oh, let’s call them Communist, because they are. And to top it all off, their military is rapidly growing from a near-pear status to a dominant force in hypersonic weapons and other existential threats to the United States.

This military is robustly opening bases around the world in a bid to end American power-projection capability, supported by this nation’s burgeoning economy. To make the video funny, let’s call this country — yep, you guessed it — Russia. I bet 95 percent of our “golden youth” would fall for the prank.

Of course, this nation is not Russia; it is China.

Russia cannot match the U.S. economically, a majority of its military is still antiquated, and its economy is barely growing. Moscow does get involved in its “near abroad” militarily, but the Kremlin is not threatening the existence of America as a world power. China is.

But you wouldn’t know that from the “Russia investigation” and the mainstream media’s attempts to keep the narrative alive at any cost. These people are vested in this agenda now, to demonize Moscow, for a reason – to destroy President Trump.

China Pulls Missiles From South China Sea Island In Possible Nod To Trump

Thank God our POTUS understands what the real threats to America are, and is dealing with them in a very effective manner.

This is where the upcoming meeting between President Trump and Russian President Putin in Europe comes into play. National Security Adviser John Bolton will be in Moscow later this month to arrange such a summit. And, none too soon, as the geopolitical circumstances are ripe for some major developments for world peace.

President Trump realizes that the situation in North Korea is probably the most dire situation we face as a nation. Solving this problem is paramount. Moscow can help decipher this enigma. Russia has influence with Kim Jong-un, and will use it, if the carrot is big enough.
I’ve written many times on these pages that Russia has to be confronted where American interests are threatened; it also goes without saying that Russian must be engaged when American interests demand it.

Russia is an adversary; it need not be an enemy.

Moscow will always exploit weaknesses in American society and on the world geopolitical stage.

This will happen until a new generation can force change in the Russian political system. The good news is that America has in the past, and can in the future, oppose and defeat maligned activities. A few hundred thousand spent on Facebook ads doesn’t equate to an existential threat. The Deep State knows this. The media knows this. They just don’t want the American people to know this.

In light of all this explanation, the Trump-Putin summit should go forward. President Trump can and will find a good deal for the American people that enhances our national security, and yes, probably gives some concessions to the Kremlin.

China Is Vulnerable

As Mr. Trump rebuilds the American military, and the American economy I might add, U.S. global power is on the upswing. With our exponentially expanding crude oil production capability, we no longer need to be in the Middle East to protect our access to natural resources. We do need to keep malfunctioning states from becoming a haven for terrorists. Russia can help with this, too, if given the right incentives.

As Mr. Trump meets with Mr. Putin in order to find solutions for the Ukraine issue, Syria and North Korea, the only question is whether the Deep State and the Obama media will support American security and freedom or continue to push the false “Russia narrative.” I think I know the answer to the question. Of course, they will continue their subversive efforts.

Luckily, we have the author of “The Art of the Deal” in the White House.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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