Russia Is A Devious Adversary, But Threat To The Republic Is Coming From Corrupt, Power-Hungry Dems

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I have no doubt that Russia used cyber warfare against the United States during the 2016 U.S presidential election. I mean special counsel Robert Mueller indicted them and all, so it must be true. But, so did China, North Korea and Iran over the last decade.

Russia has been probing our cyber defenses for years. China has stolen entire employee files from certain parts of the federal government. All of China’s modern weapon systems look exactly like ours. How could that be? From stealing information via cyber crime, that’s how.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Obama Loved Iran Because It Wanted What He Wanted-The Destruction Of America

This is asymmetric warfare. Our adversaries have been looking for, and exploiting weaknesses in our defenses since the beginning of time. This is how you prepare to fight a superpower. The fact that we have been soft on protecting ourselves in the new cyber arena is our fault, not Russia‘s. (By the way, we do the same thing to them.)

As long as we are on the subject? Why is our electric grid still vulnerable to EMP attack? The reason the Trump administration is so concerned about Iran and North Korea becoming nuclear powers is that it just takes one nuclear explosion over North America to shut down our grid. That means no power, no medicine, no food, no water, no transportation … for years. Millions of Americans would die of starvation and disease.

However, the real threat to the republic is not Russia. The real threat to America existing as a representative government under the rule of law … is the Democratic Party and its enablers in the Obama media.

As the news trickles out, in spite of our politicized security services doing everything in their power to stop the American people and their elected representatives in Congress from discovering it, the reality of our situation becomes even more frightening.

Barack Obama, Andrew McCabe, James B. Comey, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Brennan, James Clapper — they have all been involved in a massive criminal enterprise to spy on the political opposition, stop Donald Trump from becoming president, and when that didn’t work, bring down the man who the people elected.

This is nothing but organized crime on a nuclear scale.

This is called treason. In the not-too-distant past, we used to shoot people for treason.

If the media doesn’t want to do its constitutionally protected job of rooting out such corruption, then fine; economic forces will eventually deal with their collusion. They will simply go out of business. Creative destruction works.

However, for the current and former members of the U.S. government that used the awesome power of the federal state in criminal fashion, there has to be accountability.

This Isn’t About Trump, It’s About Keeping Obama And Hillary Out Of The Big House

You see, we are not Russia, China, North Korea or Iran. We are the United States of America, where the rule-of-law is paramount.

If we don’t hold these people accountable, it will happen again.

Everything has to come out. Everything should be declassified where able. This criminal activity makes Watergate look like a board game. Our youth need to understand the lies they have been fed. The scale of these horrific crimes needs to be exposed. Obama’s supposed “legacy” needs to shown for what it really is — nothing more than the legacy of a corrupt, power-hungry, treasonous liar.

Otherwise, the only place in the world where humans beings really have a chance at being free and secure from tyrannical policies and government will be destroyed forever.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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