Two Years On, US Mother Offers $10,000 Reward For Evidence Of ‘Murder’ Of Her Son In Siberia

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Officially Colin Madsen, 25, died from hypothermia on a hiking trip in Buryatia, but his family are convinced he was killed.

The reward comes from Dana Madsen Calcutt whose attempts to reopen the official investigation into her son’s death have met with failure in Russia.

‘Colin would have been 27 on the 18 February – and it has been over two years since I last saw him.

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‘I think it would save others in Siberia if we could find and prosecute these murderers of innocents.’

When Madsen, the stepson of a respected British microbiology professor, suddenly went missing in this mountainous region, it was only a local shaman who accurately foretold his tragic fate.

The American would be found dead more than a week after he vanished, predicted this diviner of good and evil spirits…

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