How To Confront Marxist Dogma Being Taught In Your Child’s School

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Written anonymously

I was shocked recently when my son came home from high school and told me how he learned in class that day that the U.S. Constitution was a racist document written by a bunch of old, rich, white men, and how it had to be changed, because America was inherently evil.

Horrified, and angry, I first tried to call the school principle. Of course, he would not take my call. I left a message but no return phone call.

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I then sent an email to the principle, I later learned that he was a flaming liberal and ‘progressive’. He actually responded saying that he had no control over what was taught in class and that I had to contact the teacher directly, which I did. She agree to set up a meeting to discuss the situation.

A week later, I sat in a conference room with the offending, female teacher, whom I immediately noticed had a plan. She was going to try and kill me with kindness. She asked about my career, told me how remarkable I was, and then proceeded to deny anything happened. She insinuated that the comments reported to me were simply from other kids in the class, and not her. She insinuated my son had ‘heard incorrectly’. She then tried to switch the conversation back to ‘my career’ and how ‘remarkable’ I was. Interesting tactic.

Needless to say, I left the meeting somewhat confused. I went home, spoke to my son again, and confirmed what he told me the first time.

I have since contacted the school board and made it clear to this teacher that I am monitoring what goes on in her class from multiple sources, and any retribution grade wise against my child would not be tolerated.

The lesson I learned from this experience, that I want to share, is that upon being confronted, the first thing these Leftist ‘re-educators’ will do is lie, try to diffuse the situation, and change the subject.

Don’t allow them to do this.

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This is just one side show from the drama of Marxism taking over America; it is being repeated many times across this great nation.

Conservatives must get involved in our schools if we want to stop the marxist propaganda that is being fed to our kids. This will include getting out of your comfort zone and being proactive.

Our children are worth it.

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