US Veterans May Need To Deal With US Corruption

On a recent trip to Chisinau to investigate the political situation in the tiny former Soviet republic, I had the pleasure of meeting with a very distinguished gentleman, a former colonel in the Moldovan armed forces, who fought in the war against pro-Russian separatists in the early 1990s during the Transdniester conflict, a small strip of land bordering Ukraine which currently houses a large Soviet weapons depot and a few thousand Russian troops. I’ll just call him “the Colonel.”

He told me a fascinating story. It seems over the last decade, after being moved into the internal affairs division of the Moldovan security services, he began noticing suspicious financial transactions. It seems someone in the Moldovan government, someone with ties to Russia, was systematically moving millions of dollars to offshore accounts, literally stealing from the Moldovan treasury. He began to do his own investigations and discovered a large corruption scheme that had been operating for years, and would do so for years in the future.

After repeatedly raising his suspicions to his superiors, he was effectively forced out of his position eventually. However, the Colonel did not stop there. Fearing material damage to his country’s future, as the amounts had now grown quite large, he set up a group of patriotic Moldovan war veterans to continue his investigations and to continue speaking far and wide about what was going on inside the government.

At first, his group was brushed off, told to be quiet, and his charges were ridiculed. He continued to speak out. There was an assassination attempt as a bomb blew up in his face.

Then slowly, ever so slowly, as his group of diligent war heroes continued to disclose information, the truth began to come out.

Eventually it was made public that the prime minister, along with oligarchs, and Russian operatives, had stolen one-fifth of the assets of the Moldovan banking system—approximately $1 billion. In tiny Moldova, this was a fortune.

The Moldovan population was livid and took to the streets, demanding change.

Change eventually came with a new government being elected and severe pressure from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other multinational organizations. The prime minister was indicted, found guilty and will face prison time.
The point of the story is this. It took a group of Moldovan patriots, men wounded in battle fighting for their country, to change the system and begin to root out the systemic corruption that endangered the Moldovan population’s future.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Americans Do Corruption Better Than The Russians

We are facing the same situation in the United States.

It is obvious the Mueller investigation is corrupt, a witch hunt to attempt to remove a sitting president. There is no attempt to investigate the selling of our uranium to Russia for over $100 million to the Clinton Foundation, a treasonous action if there ever was one. There is no attempt to hold accountable those who played fast and loose with classified information on

Clinton’s server. There is no attempt to hold former IRS chief Lois Lerner, or former U.S. President Obama for that matter, accountable for using the tax authority of the United States against Mr. Obama’s political enemies. There is no attempt to hold the FBI accountable for its obvious corruption during the Obama years. I could go on and on.

It is obvious that many people involved in the Clinton and Obama administrations have been stealing and getting filthy rich off of their position inside the two administrations, essentially selling out the American people to the highest bidder. The selling of America began during Bill Clinton administration. Do you remember all those Chinese sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House?

Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Unit Washes Hands Of Manofort Investigation

I for one remember the oath we took upon being commissioned an officer in the United States military. “…To defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The oath lasts a lifetime.
Perhaps it is time for American war veterans to rise up and once again be called on to defend America, this time from the rot in Washington. Since the public has lost faith in the FBI and all of our federal institutions, perhaps we need to do this ourselves.

It is brutally ironic that we have an example in a former territory of the Soviet Union to guide us.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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