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Revolution Is On In Iran. Security Forces Fire On Protesters. 8 Killed. Iranian Resistance Issues Warning To IRGC To Lay Down Arms. Legacy Media Ignores.

Revolution Is On In Iran. Army Fires On Protesters.  8 Killed.  Iranian Resistance Issues Warning To IRGC To Lay Down Arms.  Legacy Media Ignores.

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If you haven’t noticed, anti-Iranian protests have broken out in Iraq where scores have died after being attacked by Iranian-sponsored militias in Baghdad and elsewhere. Protests are also increasing in Lebanon against the presence of Iranian-backed Hezbollah. Now protests inside of the Islamic Republic of Iran are spinning out of control. Sparked over a hike in fuel prices, the demonstrations have quickly moved to regime change, fueled by resistance activities.

Today Iranian Revolutionary Guard Forces (IRGC) opened fire on the crowd and killed 8 protesters. The Iranian Resistance is pushing for the removal of the Mullah’s regime which has been in power since the fall of the Shah of Iran during the Carter presidency.

As protests rage in over 60 cities, the IRGC has cancelled all leave and sent staffers into the streets to attempt to control the demonstrations. In addition to those killed, a large number of protesters have been wounded.

Protesters have been confirmed to be shouting, “Down with dictator,…Down with Rouhani…Down with Khamenei”.

In the video below people are shouting in Behbahan, Iran, “Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, I sacrifice my life for Iran”.

Below IRGC forces engage protesters.

Below protesters close the road to a fuel station.

The People’s Mujahideen of Iran PMOI/MEK has issued a warning to the IRGC shown below.

PMOI/MEK Message to Armed Forces patriotic personnel and warning to IRGC

IRGC murderers are opening fire on protesters on orders from the Iranian Regime’s Supreme Leader of the Ali Khamenei, and targeting Iranian youth. IRGC forces have shot and killed eight young protesters in the cities of Sirjan, Behbahan (3), Karaj, Shiraz, Khorramshahr, and Marivan.

In a message, the PMOI/MEK Spokesperson hailed the Iranian people and youths who have risen up today and honored the memory of those who have lost their life in this proud uprising. The Spokesperson said, the ground is shaking under the feet of the mullahs and IRGC thugs from Beirut to Baghdad, and now in Tehran and all over Iran. The Spokesperson called on patriotic officers and soldiers of the armed forces to leave the regime’s ranks and join the people’s front. The Spokesperson warned the police force and armed forces not to fire on the people, lay down their weapons and hand them over to the people. The Spokesperson reiterated that shooting and injuring people would bear severe punishment and consequences. The Spokesperson warned the IRGC to surrender to the people, turn in their arms, and take heed of the fate of the previous (Shah) regime’s torturers and henchmen.

CD Media will be reporting more as we get information.

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rickey ricardo November 17, 2019 at 2:54 pm

Take note, it is the price of fuel and not the loss of liberty that has brought them into the street. Not oppression, not even hardship, but only the very inability to continue to survive; this is what brought them into the street.

Staff November 17, 2019 at 2:57 pm

Which is the result of extreme corruption. And the regime has executed over 130,000 of the resistance so what you say is not completely true


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