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What Do We Know About Missile Strike At Kramatosk Railway Station?

What Do We Know About Missile Strike At Kramatosk Railway Station?

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First of all, we are not going to engage in the carnage porn. You can find that anywhere.

The facts are, two ballistic missiles hit the Kramatosk Railway Station in Ukraine as thousands of refugees were boarding to leave the area on Friday.

The question is – who did it?

The world narrative is the Russians were the perpetrators of this heinous act which killed at least 50 and injured hundreds more.

The Kremlin denies being responsible, saying ‘Ukrainian Nationalists’ fired the weapons to blame Russia in a ‘false flag’ attack.

Let’s discuss the missiles themselves in more detail. The projectiles have been verified as Tochka-U short-range ballistic missiles developed by the Soviet Union. The Ukrainians have some in their inventory, the Russians likely have them in storage at least, as they are old technology. The Kremlin declared they were not in use in Ukraine with the Russian armed forces.

CDMedia has sources in country which have stated the Russian Ministry of Defense posted a tweet, which was taken down 5 minutes after the strike, bragging about hitting the train station. CDMedia checked the MOD Twitter feed on The Way Back Machine and could find no such post. If anyone has a screenshot, please send to us at contact@creativedestructionmedia.com.

We have also heard from sources the same type of posts were put on Telegram.

“It was posted on a Telegram channel called Типічний Донецьк Typical Donetsk who’s is associated with Russian armed forces & separatists in occupied Donetsk”, declared our source.

“ The same posters in channel advised people not to evacuate by rail the evening before. Next morning is when it happened.”

Again, if anyone has screenshots of these posts please contact us.

We also hear from sources the attack is being used to motivate Ukrainian forces in the East as the Russian attack advances in that region.

However, there is one big elephant in the room — the Biden administration* admitted this week a great deal of ‘intelligence’ leaked prior to and after the Russian invasion was ‘invented’ in order to ‘alter Russian behavior’. Of course this is extremely problematic when viewed in light of the globalist agenda to push the NATO alliance into the conflict.

In fact, there is no push back at all on the ‘Russia narrative’ in the Western media. The is an apparent ‘information operation’ in play to drag NATO into the war as was done in Serbia in the late 1990s during the Clinton administration.

One thing we do know, based on our staff’s military experience and contacts in DoD, is the US national intelligence apparatus has the ability to detect a ballistic missile launch anywhere in the world, at anytime, and locate the origin of the launch. So, the Biden administration* knows exactly where the missile strike was initiated.

We believe The White House should make the information public for the world to see, and settle this controversy once and for all.

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Tsarizm Staff


Michael April 9, 2022 at 2:07 pm

Missile traced to Ukraine.

jack johnson April 9, 2022 at 7:09 pm

Missile fired from 100% Ukrainian controlled area southwest of the city. Russia doesn`t use Tochka-U missiles, they use Iskander-M and Kalibrs. This is why a Ukrainian official first claimed it was an Iskander then Zelenskyy had to correct him after photos emerged. This is the same missile that was fired into Donetsk on March 14 by Ukrainians.

Ukraine is not only losing the war but also losing the propaganda war. People will only take so much of the misinformation before turning against Ukraine. End this war now before more Ukrainians are killed.

Smitt y April 9, 2022 at 8:15 pm

I am supposed to believe that the Ukrainians fired the two missiles that hit the train station because the Russians said they did not do it? Next they will say that it was ISIS that invaded Ukraine. Truth is the first casualty of war.

jack johnson April 10, 2022 at 10:34 am

You are given the information, it`s then up to you to do the research. How does Russia fire a missile from an area they are not in yet and have not used in almost 7 years? Follow the evidence……don`t believe anything a single source tells you.

Mimi April 10, 2022 at 8:56 am

The Ukrainians fired the missile at the station for two tactical reasons. First, to blame the Russians, and secondly, to stop the Citizens from evacuating the city, because their defence tactics all along has been to hide in all the cities, using civilians as shields. No civilians, no shields to hide behind. There are plenty of interviews on Telegram of citizens who have escaped and told of terrible treatment by their own army. Don’t forget, there has been a civil war in Ukraine for the last eight years, and estimated people killed in 14.000. Somehow we did not hear about that in the West. The civil war has been the Ukrainian army against their own citizens. The reason we can be reasonably sure it is not the Russians, is because Putin considers the civilians he is rescuing to be Russian peoples, and he gave the army orders to not attack civilians and to not attack the cities infrastructure if possible. Already the Russians have issued Russian passports in the conquered cities, and given out tons of aid in each city, where things are getting back to normal without the eight year bombardments people have been experiencing during the Civil war.


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