Why Zelensky Couldn’t Stop The War If Putin Offered Him Everything

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On January 26th 2022, CDMedia published an article titled UKRAINE LIES ABOUT 2022 RUSSIAN ATTACK TO HIDE DYING ECONOMY, a full month before Russian forces went into action in Ukraine.

This companion video and the article show why Biden and Ukraine’s Zelensky needed the war with Russia to start no matter what else happened.

All the data presented is from current Ukrainian experts in economy, energy, infrastructure, as well as Zelensky’s own presidential administration. This is only one leg to what is going on but if you want to know why inflation is skyrocketing in the US, Ukraine’s soon default has a lot to do with it. Is it another Burisma payoff of some kind?

Zelensky needed the war to get ahead of the nationwide riots coming as even the bakeries shut down in Ukraine due to lack of energy.

Zelensky is personally responsible for helping start the war. Why can’t he stop it even if Russia’s Vladimir Putin offered him everything?

From the moment he threw his hat into the 2019 election, Zelensky has been surrounded by nationalists, or should I say Ukrainian fascists. During his campaign former Right Sector leader Dimitro Yarosh’s spokesman became his advisor. Afterward, he stayed with the administration for a while cementing who Zelensky owes allegiance to.

For his entire administration, Zelensky has had a knife to his back on policy moves. Remember, he was elected with over 70% of the vote for two mandates. 

  1. Stop the war no matter what
  2. Build some sort of economy for Ukrainians.

He’s done neither so here we are.

Just a few days ago, the editor of the Kyiv Independent wrote in the New York Times that any concession to Russia over the status of eastern Ukraine would bring about the same fate for Zelenskyy that befell Victor Yanukovych, who was tossed from power in 2014. The United States supported all these steps, looking simultaneously toward bolstering Ukrainian nationalism and blasting the Russophiles.

How serious is this?

What else does Zelensky have to protect if not his people’s future?

Conservative Republicans have to step back and look at the facts and evidence because the stakes are so high right now. We have to be the gatekeepers to real facts and evidence regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us feel. Or, we risk supporting a Democratic agenda to skate the line at nuclear war.

We are at risk of Joe Biden starting a war that will hit home, risk sons and daughters on the basis of faked information.

If Donald Trump were in office, none of this would be happening. Trump would have made Zelensky fulfill the Minsk agreement and the peace process would have been completed.

We just avoided the war spreading because Poland and other Central European countries wanted to give Ukraine old Soviet fighters in exchange for new US upgrades, and fly them to Ukraine out of Ramstein Air Base which is the US Air force’s largest base in Europe, along with NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen.  

Thankfully, the US military still has enough sense at the top to know within minutes of the initial takeoff, it would be raining missiles in Germany. Poland, and when appraised of the seriousness of their proposal, about-faced for this reason.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Russia claimed to find evidence of Ukrainian possession of plutonium which only has one use for them — nuclear Ukraine is more unacceptable than NATO in Ukraine to Moscow.

The reason why is simple — Ukraine led the way in weapons and delivery systems during the Soviet Union. They won’t develop the capability, they already have it. Nuclear weapons on Russia’s doorstep isn’t something to wait for considering the weight nationalists have in the Ukrainian government.

Are there Ukrainian Nazis and ISIS fighters killing civilians in Ukraine?

Jewish Ukrainian president Zelensky has taken to wearing teeshirts with UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) which ran the Holocaust for the Germans. The UPA and Bandera OUNb SS did all the dirty work including Gendarmes who tortured and killed over 30 thousand Jews at Babi Yar. UPA regulars volunteered to work the death camps for the Nazis. In Ukraine, they are responsible for most of the Jewish Pogroms in major cities and across the country.

Zelensky’s recent description of people in Donbass as subhuman doesn’t help his look. So, why are they getting support from Democrats?

I’ll build out the Ukraine story as soon as I have the facts sorted and verified in further articles and video. America needs for the grownups to come to the table and not be led around by corrupt Democrats hiding their destruction of the American economy.

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1 comment

Irishrovr April 19, 2022 at 12:30 am

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on because of the propaganda coming out of both sides. Somehow we have to find a way to stop the killing and the destruction. Neither Putin nor Zelensky are on the high road and neither can walk around wearing a white hat and it’s a lose/lose result for the Ukrainian people. If Putin dominates the Ukrainian people get killed by Russians. If Zelensky prevails, and we continue to send assistance, the Ukrainian people get killed by Ukrainian soldiers. Do you see any other scenario here?

Mr Eliason, I am interested in knowing if any children were executed in Rubizhne. I have been in touch with a 10 year old girl, whom I only know as Polina. The last I heard from her was on March 8th when she told me things were very bad and there was a lot of shooting around her house. She and I had been “friends” while playing a game of Mahjong. She suddenly disappeared. I hope she was able to get away safely.


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