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Russian Restaurant Chain Takes Down Ad With Black Man Surrounded By Slavic White Woman After Uproar

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Russian food company Yobidoyobi has taken down an adverstisement featuring a black man surrounded by white Slavic women after an outcry from parts of Russian society and economic pressure.

The group ‘Male State’ and its founder Vladislav Pozdnyakov, which describes itself as a movement promoting “traditional values” in Russia, were behind much of the pressure on Yobidoyobi.

“Yobidoyobi is known for its provocative marketing, but this time we did not pursue these goals — we just made a very ordinary promo for social networks. Many brands use images of different models, which may differ in skin color, gender, and so on,” Yobidoyobi’s owner Konstantin Zimen declared. “There was no provocation in this — it is just the voice of the times. I am sorry that someone thinks that a photo of a Black man (especially next to supposedly “Slavic” girls) on the Internet is unacceptable.”

Yobidoyobi posted an apology on Russian social networks.

“On behalf of the entire company, we want to apologize for offending the public with our photos. We have removed all content that caused this hype,” wrote the company on its Instagram page.

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Jonathan P. Henderson September 5, 2021 at 10:23 pm

Ironically it’s the black community in America in the process of resurrecting the push for restoring miscegenation into our social and cultural framework through the excuses of ‘intersectionality’ and ‘cultural appropriation’.

Garrett September 6, 2021 at 1:36 am

I’m with the Rooskies on this one.


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