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The Belarusian President Won’t Go Down Without a Fight

Image by Kremlin.ru

The president of Belarus on Thursday cautioned that Moscow could lose its only ally on its western border if the two countries could not resolve an ongoing dispute over energy, and he dismissed speculation that his country could soon be unified with Russia.

Belarus Worried Putin Wants The Country

“I call these suggestions very stupid, far-fetched for discussion in our society,” Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said. Trending Articles

In a relationship known as “oil for kisses,” Russia has long provided generous energy subsidies, especially discounted oil, to Minsk to prop up the anemic Belarusian economy. In return, Belarus serves as a loyal buffer state between Russia and Europe. Both Napoleon and the Nazis came through Belarus when they invaded Russia, and Moscow has not forgotten, said Kenneth Yalowitz, a global fellow at the Wilson Center who served as U.S. ambassador to Belarus in the 1990s…

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