Election Winners Pledge To Keep Montenegro In NATO, Pro-Western And EU Path

Election Winners Pledge To Keep Montenegro In NATO, Pro-Western And EU Path

The three opposition political party blocks that won the August 30 election in Montenegro have signed an agreement, pledging not to divert the country’s pro-western course.

On Tuesday, the leaders of “For the Future of Montenegro”, “Peace is Our Nation” and “Black on White” blocks — Zdravko Krivokapić, Aleksa Bečić and Dritan Abazović committed to a number of obligations for their future governing coalition.

The agreement, which was also written and signed in English, answers some of the main concerns of a part of the domestic and international public regarding campaign promises by Serbian parties led by Krivokapić and Bečić.

The three parties have 41 MPs, the minimum required to form a government in the 81-seat Montenegrin parliament. The four votes of the “Black on White” MPs led by Dritan Abazović are crucial for the forming of the new government.

They committed to complying with all international obligations and keep Montenegro in NATO and in its path towards the European Union, as well as on its pro-Western diplomacy tracks.

The leaders also pledged not to change the national flag, coat of arms and anthem of Montenegro.

The new government will not withdraw the recognition of Kosovo.

They pledged to fight crime and corruption once they come to power, not to exact retribution on political grounds against opponents, to respect the Constitution and the country’s laws, and to include minority parties in the governing coalition.

The three leaders agreed to some similar general governing principles earlier.

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