Trump Hails Kosovo’s ‘Courageous Decision To Normalize Relations With Israel’ Through Its Deal With Serbia

Trump Hails Kosovo’s ‘Courageous Decision To Normalize Relations With Israel’ Through Its Deal With Serbia

US President Donald Trump has hailed Kosovo’s “courageous decision to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel” through its deal with Serbia.

Kosovo journalist Adriatik Kelmendi published one of the Kosovo-Serbia deal’s pages, signed by Trump.

Israel had refused to recognize Kosovo since the latter declared independence in 2008.

The president wrote that the Kosovo-Serbia deal signed at the White House is “a historic diplomatic breakthrough”.

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Show me September 8, 2020 at 10:56 pm

This looks like cooler heads have prevailed. This from the Trump administration.
The media: largely silent.
Getting any positive statement about a momentous, even historical international peace agreement from the media with reference to Trump is like pulling teeth without anesthetic. It’s incredibly difficult for the US media to say anything positive, especially in election season, and likely they will categorize it, as Biden has done, as the prior administration setting the ground work.
I can’t see where the prior administration had anything at all to do with this. Trump deserves the credit, as do the countries, Kosovo, Serbia and Israel.
There seems to be some daylight in the Middle East, for the first time in years with recognition between Israel and other countries.
Hopefully, there will be continued further progress.
I’m not sure if the disaster in Beirut, the ammonium nitrate blast, which was likely related to government incompetence or worse, corruption, could have been related in some way, possibly so.


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