Kosovo President’s Interview With War Crime Prosecutors Ends After Four Days

Kosovo President’s Interview With War Crime Prosecutors Ends After Four Days

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi’s interview with war crime prosecutors in The Hague has ended on Thursday evening, the fourth day in a row.

He was interviewed for about eight hours today.

“I just finished my testimony and I am glad that for 4 days I had the opportunity to give explanations. During these days I have tried to give clarifications about my role and my responsibilities in the Kosovo Liberation Army,” Thaçi told journalists outside the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office building.

He said his lawyer was with him during the interview. 

“My testimony lasted a long time but we had productive hearings,” Thaçi said.

The president said he could give no information on the content of the interview. He answered negatively when a journalist asked him whether he was asked about allegations regarding the so-called “Yellow House” or crimes committed in Kosovo after the war.

Thaçi expressed his confidence that the case prosecutor and judge would conclude that he committed no crime of any sorts, if they do professional, honest and impartial work.

“No one can change our history,” he concluded.

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