Kosovo Security Forces Conduct Joint Training with US Army

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Soldiers from Kosovo Security Forces (FSK) and the US Army are conducting joint training exercises in Prishtina, the US Department of Defense has stated.

“US Army soldiers from the 10th Special Forces Group and Kosovo security forces participate in a training exercise in Pristina, Kosovo,” they tweeted.

The KSF has about 2,800 active soldiers and aims to double the number, as well as securing a reserve force of 3,000. It is undergoing a 10-year transformation into an army since the parliament passed legal changes on its status in 2018.

Kosovo forces are often engaged in joint exercises with the US and NATO armies. Last year, they joined the multinational “Defender Europe 21” military exercise led by the United States. Its troops are currently participating in a joint peacekeeping mission in Kuwait, alongside the US troops, for the first time in Kosovo’s history.

Its neighbor Serbia considers Kosovo an integral part of its territory, posing a continuous threat to the newest country in Europe.

In recent years under President Aleksandar Vucic, Serbia has beefed up its military capabilities with Russian fighter jets, helicopters, tanks and other heavy weapons. It remains the closest Russian ally in Europe.

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