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Ukrainian Men Shot At Border Trying To Escape Execution Machine

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A report direct from Ukrainian source:

The parliament approved unconstitutional decree that allows private military outposts to send the “Call-in” paper to men, then if they do not take the paper, the private military outpost is allowed by the illegitimate parliament to issue a fine of 750 USD unlimited amount of times, then arrest the current banking accounts, arrest the car, arrest the real estate.

This is the end, I think. Zelensky and Yermak have become usurpers. The end of the state in Ukraine. Failure.

3 mln people in Ukraine will be sent fines 750 USD.

Some will obey and will fight Russians, some will not. Majority will not fight.

The end.

Dead end.

Zelensky and Ermak have escalated the situation up to the civil conflict and revolutionary situation.

I think we will see a spark in the following 2-3 weeks.

Zelensky is illegitimate – his term has expired. The Parliament is illegitimate – their terms have expired.

Thus, all governmental bodies are illegitimate by expiry of terms and also unconstitutional based on their unconstitutional deeds, actions and activities.

In the border river Tisza many bodies with bullet holes are found.

But since Ukraine has big problems with human rights, there will be no investigations.

Law enforcement officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, claim that large sums of cash that fugitives carry with them become a tasty catch for border guards.

Men try to escape.

They get killed on the border.

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test May 9, 2024 at 5:15 pm

In the mean time our “elected” president uses whatever situation he can, to draw down American Military strength. You have to wonder why….

Ah, except for those bad folks in Israel right?


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