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It Looks Like Vlad May Want To Stay

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Russian President Vladimir Putin may want to stay in power past the end of his current term, even though the development would be against the Russian constitution, as it is currently written.

So what would a good Russian leader do? Change the constitution of course.

“The speaker of Russia’s parliament raised the possibility of changing the constitution as speculation grows that the Kremlin is considering ways to allow President Vladimir Putin to remain in power beyond the end of his current term, when current law requires him to step down,” reported Bloomberg.

“There are questions in society, esteemed Vladimir Vladimirovich,” Volodin said. “This is the time when we could answer these questions, without in any way threatening the fundamental provisions” of the constitution, he added. “The law, even one like the Basic Law, isn’t dogma.”

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On December 25, Russia’s State Duma (lower house) Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that society has been considering whether key legislation is effective 25 years from the time of its adoption. Volodin noted that a quarter of the century was a good amount of time to assess whether the Constitution is effective without questioning its key provisions. He suggested finding a format with participation of judges from the Constitutional Court, leading scholars in constitutional law and experts to look at how key legislation is functioning today, wrote Russian state news outlet TASS.

The floating of the idea is in classic Kremlin form, raising the issue within the society and testing the political waters, and beginning down the path of getting the Russian population used to the idea.

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“There is no position on this now. In fact, various expert viewpoints are being experssed, including Volodin’s stance, but no position on this has been outlined and no works in this context are being conducted,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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