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Nostalgia For Soviet Union Increasing In Russia

Image by Иван Симочкин
T-72 tank in Moscow, August 1991

Nostalgia for the Soviet Union has been present in Russia for years, fluctuating up and down; however, it seems the pendulum is on its way back up, a poll by the independent, Russian pollster Levada announced this week.

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Sixty-six percent of Russians say they regret that the U.S.S.R. broke up, according to the results of the survey published by the Levada Center pollster on Wednesday, up from 58 percent last year.

Only a quarter said they did not regret the fall of Communism, marking what the pollster called “the most significant polarization of opinion in the last 10 years,” reported The Moscow Times.

Another trend in the Russian Federation has been the slow rehabilitation of Joseph Stalin, the murderous leader of the USSR who killed over 20 million of his own people.

One Russian we talked to in Moscow said that although 20% of the Russian people have visited abroad and understand what a real democracy can provide, most Russians are barely making ends meet, just surviving. It is these people who see communism in a better light. For as they said in Hitler’s time, at least the trains ran on time.

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