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Russia Looks To Recreate Chinese Internet Control

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Russian news outlet The Bell has reported on Russian lawmakers’ plans to install Chinese style internet control in the Russian Federation for ‘national security’ reasons. The stated goal is to develop an isolated network that does not rely on U.S. servers, but has the added benefit of censoring criticism of the Russian government or powerful oligarchs.

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Legislation has been prepared by a group of lawmakers headed by Andrei Klishas, who earlier this week proposed fining people who show online “disrespect” to the authorities. The other key figure in the proposal is Andrei Lugovoi, the former security officer suspected of poisoning Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006, reported The Bell.

“In a situation where [Russia is] aggressively surrounded and the U.S. makes statements about Russian cyberattacks we have to be able to provide security for the internet in Russia if the U.S. restricts access to the servers,” said Lugovoi, reported The Bell.

Moscow has been slowly tightening the screws on dissent, democracy, and on free speech.

However, so has the United States and Europe. So, how can the West criticize?

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