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Albanian Socialist Majority Opens Way To Demolition Of National Theater, Refuses President’s Decree

Yesterday the Albanian Parliament opened the way for the demolition of the National Theater, after refusing President Meta’s decree and keeping the “special” law in force, which allowed for its destruction outside of constitutional authority.

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The decree was refused with the 74 votes of the socialist majority, of which only Minister Pandeli Majko didn’t participate in the voting.

Earlier today the decree was refused in the Parliamentary Committee on Productive Activity, Commerce, and Environment, with the votes of the socialist majority and through an accelerated procedure it was included in the agenda of today’s plenary session.

The approval of this law opens the way for the demolition of the National Theater and it opens the fictitious competition that will redevelop the area of the National Theater, including the building of a new theater and several skyscrapers to the benefit of private company.

The law has been opposed by artists and citizens who have protested against the demolition and appropriation of public property for more than 6 months.

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The ‘amended’ law does not reflect the remarks made by President Meta and the European Commission regarding the violation of Constitution, the principle of decentralization of power and the principles of equality and competitiveness.

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