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EU Questions Poland Remaining In Union

Image by Mateusz Włodarczyk

The growing rift between Poland and the European Union broke out into the open today as the president of the EU Council, Donald Tusk, who is a Polish national, declared it may be time for Poland to leave the EU.

“There is a question mark over Poland’s European future today,” Tusk told reporters outside a prosecutor’s office in Warsaw, reported NPR. Tusk was in Poland to testify in the investigation into the plane crash which killed former Polish President Lech Kaczynski.

“It smells like an introduction to an announcement that Poland does not need the European Union and that Poland is not needed for the EU,” Tusk said Thursday of increasing disputes between the organization and its member state. “I am afraid we are closer to that moment.”

It is highly likely that Tusk’s comments were more personal than official policy of the EU. He has been locked in a personal battle with the Law and Justic Party, which is now in power in Poland, over events that culminated in the former president’s death, and the investigation afterwards.

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