Russia Threatens More Iskanders To Kaliningrad
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Russia Threatens More Iskanders To Kaliningrad

Russia Threatens More Iskanders To Kaliningrad

Russia threatened today to deploy more nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, in the Baltic region, due to alleged ‘aggression’ by NATO forces after the alliance placed armored units back in Europe, in the Baltic countries and Poland, citing Russian aggressive behavior towards the former Soviet-controlled areas.

Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Refutes Attempts To Delegitimize Russia’s Claim To Kaliningrad

The RIA news agency cited the head of the lower house of parliament’s defence committee, Vladimir Shamanov, as declaring this intention.

Chinese Warships Dock At Russian Baltic Ports For War Games

Russia has heavily fortified and weaponized Kaliningrad which has worried NATO commanders as to the alliance’s ability to protect NATO forces in the region. Recent large Russian exercises in Belarus have compounded this fear.

Although NATO has placed armored brigades in Eastern Europe, the force is not strong enough to stop a Russian invasion and is more for deterrence, ensuring any conflict in the region will involve American forces.

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