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Russia: We Didn’t Ask To Get Back In G8

Image by Kremlin.ru

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov trolled U.S. President Trump today after Trump suggested multiple times, while attending the G7 summit, that the Russian Federation should be let back in to the Western family gathering.

While being interview by Russian news Channel One, Lavrov declared, Moscow “never asked to be allowed back.”

Fearing The Donald, Putin And Xi Say They’ll Get Closer, Really Close

“When our western partners decided to return to the G7 format, we accepted their decision and have been working on other platforms since then,” Lavrov noted. “Members of the SCO [the Shanghai Cooperation Organization], BRICS and the G20 share our approaches,” he added.

Putin Gets Behind Trump/Kim Summit – The Art Of The Deal At Work

“Ultimatums are not enough for the G20, one needs to make agreements there. The Group of 20 is a mechanism for achieving consensus. I believe it is the most promising platform for the future,” the Russian top diplomat pointed out, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

President Trump presented the argument that world peace will be better served with Russia at the negotiating table of the world’s greatest economies. Canada’s La Malbaie. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte welcomed Trump’s idea to bring Russia back, saying that “it is in everyone’s interest.”

Most likely this effort of Trump’s to bring Russia back into the world’s diplomatic mechanisms is part of a greater ‘negotiation’ that covets Russia’s help with the effort to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula, where Moscow holds great sway. The machinations of the art of the deal are in place sight.

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