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Fearing The Donald, Putin And Xi Say They’ll Get Closer, Really Close

Image by Kremlin.ru

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier for life Xi Jinping held a summit today where they pledged to become best buddies and ‘cooperate in all areas’. Since Russia’s expulsion from Western international diplomacy, and the levy of Western sanctions, Moscow has made a conscious effort to move towards Beijing as an ally and partner. Chinese Premier Xi also fears Donald Trump’s commanding use of American power and is looking to build a coalition against Washington. Trump’s unorthodox foreign policy, one that gets results, has unnerved allies and adversaries alike.

The two sides released a joint statement after the summit. “The sides express their intention to build up cooperation in all areas, and for this purpose they will be developing strategic trust-based dialogue at high and top levels and continue to develop mechanisms of bilateral intergovernmental, interparliamentary, interparty, interagency and interregional cooperation,” the document says, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

Further quotes from the document are as follows, “Amid growing instability and uncertainty in the world, the sides continue to develop contacts on strategic security, support intensive dialogue between the ministries of foreign affairs and step up bilateral coordination at the corresponding international venues.

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“The sides highly value the benevolent and friendly atmosphere near the Russian-Chinese border which became an area of peace and comprehensive cooperation along its entire length, which allows to provide stable and gradual development of bilateral relations of equal trust-based partnership and strategic cooperation.

“Russia and China intend to further build up strategic contacts and coordination between their armed forces, improve the existing mechanisms of military cooperation, expand interaction in the field of practical military and military-technical cooperation and jointly resist challenges to global and regional security.”

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Reuters also reported, “The Russia-China Investment Fund (RCIF) and China Chengtong Holdings Group have agreed to establish a joint $1 billion industrial investment fund, RCIF said on Friday. The agreement, signed during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Beijing, envisages investments in various sectors with a focus on the development of industrial, transport and tourism infrastructure in Russia. RCIF is a joint venture between Russian Direct Investment Fund and China Investment Corp.”

In related news, President Donald Trump, on the way to the G7 summit, suggested Russia should be invited back to the table for negotiations with Western powers. The art of the deal a work.

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