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Hungary To Drop Hammer On Illegal Immigration Enablers

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The Hungarian government submitted to parliament a bill to ‘criminalize’ supporting illegal immigration into the country. Called the “Stop Soros” bill, the measure is in part meant to put a halt to the activities of the elderly financier who is funding and enabling illegal immigration into Europe in general. Many of the Soros-funded NGOs have been providing boats and assistance to enable Islamic migrants to enter Europe through the Mediterranean.

Hungary Completes Intelligence Report On Soros

“Hungary’s government plans to register, penalize and possibly bar people it deems to be supporting illegal immigration…The original draft would force foreign-funded organizations seen as “sponsoring” or in other ways supporting the “illegal entry, transfer or stay” of asylum seekers to register and pay a 25 percent charge on financing obtained abroad. Persons considered to be doing so may be barred from border areas, while foreigners could be prevented from entering Hungary. The bill, to be submitted on Tuesday, will also require national security clearance and a government permit for what authorities consider sponsoring or organizing immigration,” wrote Bloomberg.

“Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is radically opposed to migration, claims the groups are carrying out what Orban calls a plan by Hungarian-American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros to bring millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East to Europe. Bence Tuzson, state secretary for government communications, said Tuesday that compared to an earlier version, the draft bill has been made even more strict based on over 600 suggestions from citizens,” reported Associated Press.

UN Reprimands Hungary For Stopping Illegal Immigration By 99%

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made it a priority to protect the country’s culture and security as Western Europe has invited millions of Islamic migrants to apply for asylum, which has let to a ‘rape culture’ and high crime across European capitals, along with increased terrorism and loss of the European way of life.

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