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Hungary Completes Intelligence Report On Soros

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The long-standing feud between billionaire financier George Soros and the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, intensified today as Orban revealed Hungarian intelligence services had produced a finding that Soros was indeed attempting to destroy the Hungarian state as it exists today, by undermining the government, promoting uncontrolled Islamic migration, and attempting to interfere in next year’s elections.

Orban’s Ruling Party In Hungary Stronger Than Ever

“In an interview with state-run Kossuth radio Friday, Orban reiterated accusations that Soros was bent on undermining Hungary by helping to flood it with Muslim migrants. Soros denied these claims, saying that Orban is lying and setting up a “mafia state” designed for its leaders’ personal enrichment. He said the government was more oppressive than the country’s communist-era regime during Hungary’s Soviet occupation,” reported Bloomberg.

“The Soros network and machinery has signed up to take part in the Hungarian election campaign…Hungary’s very existence is at stake,” said Orban.

Soros himself lamented the turn Orban has taken from a former pupil to arch enemy, “Back then we were more successful in supporting society in getting access to support and information,” Soros said. The political “system in today’s Hungary is the complete opposite of what we wanted to help achieve.”

Hungary To Launch New Nationwide Anti-Soros Plan

“He wants to eliminate us,” Soros said. “I’m personally not in Hungary, but the people who I support are there and they feel the persecution.”

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