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Video: Farage Says Visegrad Group Will Bring Down European Union

Farage Says Visegrad Group Will Bring Down European Union
Image by David Holt

Speaking to a charity event in the UK, Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UKIP and ‘Mr. Brexit’ said he believes the countries of Eastern Europe, or the Visegrad Group, will bring down the European Union within ten years. Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic are being punished by Brussels for not following their dictates to admit Islamic migrants from the Middle East. The EU Parliament has initiated ‘infringement procedures’ against the these members which could lead to fines and ultimately losing their vote in the bloc. The fourth Visegrad country, Slovakia, worked out a deal with the EU to avoid sanctions.

“I heard Andrew Marr a few months ago say that if you listen to the Prime Ministers of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia ‘they make Nigel Farage sound like a Foreign Office diplomat.’

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“Something quite big is going on. I would say that in 10 years’ time the European Union will not exist and that will be a good thing…I think Victor Orban is giving the lead and those countries are proud of the fact they’ve lived under Nazism, they’ve lived under Communism, they’ve lived under brutalism and they lived under repression.

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“They’re not about to be told by the unelected bullyboys in Brussels what they can and can’t do and that really is a fact. Ultimately the populist revolution of 2016, as people see it, it’s not a short-term blip.

“We have the Hungarian Prime Minister Orban being absolutely determined he will not accept, or pay the price, for Mrs Merkel’s error of saying ‘ anyone that wants to come here, we can cope with.’ He will not pay the price of the Merkel madness.”

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