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Ukraine Pledges To Use US-Supplied Weapons Only In Defense

The Ukrainian government is pledging to not use American-supplied weapons in an offensive manner against pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass region of East Ukraine. The White House recently approved licenses for export to Kyiv of Javelin anti-tank weapons and large-caliber sniper rifles.

Trump Approves Lethal Weapons For Ukraine

Pavlo Klimkin, the Ukrainian foreign minister, said at a news conference Wednesday in Kiev that the U.S. weapons have “purely defense purposes” and that they would only be used if the separatists provoked government forces, reported Associated Press.

The Wall Street Journal reports the Pentagon is worried the weapons may fall into rebel hands and are devising strategies to prevent this from happening. The Islamic State has been famous for parading American weapons in the Middle East that were provided to supposed ‘moderate’ Islamic forces in the region.

OSCE See Increase In Ceasefire Violations In Donbass

Another concern is the rampant corruption in Ukraine. The weapons could be sold to the highest bidder. We have already seen reports of Ukrainian rocket technology being possibly sold to North Korea.

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