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Igor Dodon In Gagauzia Denounces Romania/Moldova Reunification

Igor Dodon In Gagauzia Denounces Romania/Moldova Reunification

Moldovan President Igor Dodon traveled to the breakaway, Moldovan region of Gagauzia on the 26th anniversary of the declaration of their independence. The pro-Russian region opposes reunification of Moldova with Romania and Dodon’s visit was notorious for that reason.

“We have no other option than to stay together, and together we will fight back hard against those who want to destroy the Moldovan statehood,” said the Moldovan president.

Romania Refuses To Allow Russian Diplomats Overflight To Moldova

“The largely pro-Russian region, populated mainly by ethnic-Turkish Gagauz who speak Russian and have adopted Russian Orthodox Christianity, voted overwhelmingly for Dodon in the November 2016 presidential election,” wrote Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

The Frozen Conflicts of the Former Soviet Union

“I think everyone agrees that we have friends who are close to Gagauzia, and I believe to Moldova, as well…They are Russia and Turkey…I am confident we cannot survive without a strategic partnership with Russia.”

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