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China Says Reports Of Missile Deployment Near Russian Border Is Just Speculation

“It is a speculation spread online. We attach great importance to the development of the China-Russia relationship. Our relationship is developing at a high level with a deepening mutual trust. We would like to further exchange our cooperation in different fields,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hua Chunying, appreciating “very positive” remarks from the Russian side on missile deployment reports.


“According to information provided by the Ministry of Defense, reports of so-called military construction – is no more than speculation circulating on the Internet”, – she explained.


Earlier on Tuesday, the newspaper Global Times reported that China had deployed its most advanced inter-continental ballistic missiles DF-41 in Heilongjiang Province bordering Russia. Images of China’s newest weapon system went public on Monday, which caused some doubts that publication of the photos might have been timed for the inauguration of US President Donald Trump.  Some media even reported that ballistic missiles near Russian border aimed to reach targets in the US.


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