Can Utopia P2P Network Become Part Of The Alt-Tech Movement?

Can Utopia P2P Network Become Part Of The Alt-Tech Movement?

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The modern internet does not look at all like it was intended. The initial plans were to create a digital space that would provide people with fast communication, a convenient source of information, and a secure online environment.

However, that’s not quite how it has turned out. The internet has become a tool with which states monitor people, commercial organizations force us to buy what is profitable, and hackers make money from our data.

How did we allow this, and what should we do?

We cannot turn back time and make an absolutely secure internet without surveillance and online attacks. However, right away, we can stop using popular social media platforms that store our data and track our every step and internet request.

Instead, you can use independent digital products that have joined the alt-tech movement. This movement consists of various internet platforms that support the idea of a free and independent internet, in which there is no surveillance, censorship, or hacker attacks.

Recently, the decentralized Utopia P2P ecosystem has joined the movement. This is an anonymous and secure internet environment that has quickly turned into “a decentralized internet 3.0.”

The main advantage of the ecosystem is the freedom of speech and online activity. The developers have tried to create a free and safe environment without censorship, ads, surveillance, data leaks, and hacker attacks.

Alt-tech movement issue

The main difficulty of the alt-tech movement today is the insufficient popularization of independent IT tools. Due to the excessive advertising of popular media resources, people are more likely to choose Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Tor.

Unfortunately, not many people think about their own security when working with these services. If the world population knew that today non-standard IT enthusiasts are developing effective and safe alternatives to popular tools, they would be more likely to choose and use them.

Therefore, the main task of those who care not only about their own online security, but also about a free and secure internet in general, is to spread information about alternative online sites and resources: Twitter (alt-tech: Gab); Facebook (alt-tech: WrongThink); Tor (alt-tech Utopia P2P).

Of course, this is not the whole list. However, all these sites are already functioning and protect users from surveillance, censorship, and information leaks.

Alt-tech resource for secure communication, data transfer, and web surfing

One of the most common and convenient options for replacing a regular network has become the Utopia P2P ecosystem. This is an anonymous ecosystem built on blockchain technology, which does not track user actions, does not collect and store their data, and is not regulated by third parties.

The ecosystem developers are a group of IT enthusiasts who were among the first to join the Alt-tech movement. After all, for several years before that, they had already begun to develop an anonymous, decentralized network that would become a replacement for an insecure centralized network.

Therefore, the developers presented an absolutely ready and working project, with a number of participants that already exceeds many alternative online platforms.

Utopia is a kind of response to media corporations and commercial developers, for whom user security is the last concern. It is an independent and free platform, with anonymous registration and use. Users do not enter any personal data, including phone number, email address, or credit card details. The user’s name is their invented nickname. The login key is an individually generated private key.

After a quick installation and registration in the ecosystem, you can enjoy a safe place on the internet. Each user can use the capabilities of the ecosystem around the clock:

uMessenger is an instant messenger that is an alternative platform to WhatsApp and others. It encrypts messages and does not store them on a shared server.

uMail is a private and secure electronic service responsible for the confidential transfer of various files and documents.

Idyll Browser is an anonymous browser that opens existing web pages in the ecosystem. In addition, you can mirror ready-made web resources directly into the ecosystem through the API function.

uWallet is a private electronic wallet that stores the internal cryptocurrency of the ecosystem – Cryptons (CRP). This new eco-friendly coin is available for mining in the ecosystem and can be withdrawn through an internal crypto exchange. The ecosystem released UtopiaP2P stablecoin, which allows conducting financial transactions in USD. This is a fully anonymous stablecoin soft-pegged to the U.S. dollar backed by DAI.

The uniqueness of Utopia is in the technologies and the people who use it. Of course, only a small part of these technologies can be found in open sources, like multi-level encryption, sophisticated data storage, and transfer, etc. But such a closed approach is necessary for the security of each user. And after all, these developments are the intellectual property of the developers.

In addition, a strong community has developed around the ecosystem, which popularizes the ecosystem on the internet and provides support to new users who have downloaded and registered in the ecosystem.

It is unknown exactly how the alt-tech movement will develop further. But it is already clear that the Utopia P2P ecosystem has established itself as an anonymous, independent, and secure internet tool available to every online user.

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