1Huddle – The Revolution In Employee Training

Sam Caucci, CEO 1Huddle

When I spoke to Sam Caucci, the CEO of 1Huddle, an avant guard work force training company, my initial impression was that this idea was so simple, but brilliant, and I wondered why no one had made it work before. We all know that younger generations have been raised with a device in their hand and present a different, and definitely more difficult, challenge when it comes to onboarding, and training for new employees.

1Huddle solves that problem.

The enterprise B2B start-up is three years old and based on a very elegant concept – why not turn employee training into a trivia-style game, a game built off questions? And while we’re at it, why don’t we make it mobile, so Millennials can train while they are waiting for that Uber ride, or standing in line at the grocery store?

Caucci explained to me that “Today’s new employees are entering the workforce less prepared than ever before. Colleges are not getting people up to speed. Changes in the workplace have left colleges in the dust. Young people have less experience. They spend less time talking and putting them in front of others to perform a job is a big challenge for them. It’s taking longer to get them ready for prime time. Employers need to realize this.

“We at 1Huddle can get employees trained quickly and effectively, and we can do ongoing training, and keep them motivated. We can take that legacy training program off the shelf and turn those CDs into a new system that will actually work in today’s paradigm to skill people up, fast and with high retention rates. Large sale learning systems, modules, etc, will be replaced by this type of training. In the meantime, we can be a bolt-on to that learning management system, or LMS.

“The game is the sizzle, but the power is mobile first. The system has very high use rates, and our companies incentivize participation. It’s a home run for everyone.”

1Huddle Sam Caucci discusses the business

I then asked Caucci some business questions. I found out that after his latest financing round, he has funding until the end of 2019. Based out of Newark, NJ, the company’s revenues have tripled year over year. “No other learning product has had this type of success,” he declared. We are taking these revenues and growing our sales force, looking to carve a niche in the technology ecosystems in today’s companies. We want to piggy back on our initial success and grow the company even faster.”

The typical employee being trained by 1Huddle technology is in the sales side of the business, or a customer service representative – in other words, a front line worker. This type of employee needs better tools to achieve success and no one is talking about innovation in learning for employee training, according to Caucci.

Except 1Huddle of course.

I think this company is on to something here. I wouldn’t be surprised if this technology becomes the standard for teaching employees what they need to know, a replacement for those desktop units and videotapes gathering dust on the shelf. And the kicker is, they will remember it.

Look to hear more in the near future from 1Huddle.

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