China Showing It’s Real Communist Evil With Threats Against Canada

The People’s Republic of China, the largest communist nation in the world, is baring its teeth and showing its true evil as it threatens Canada with ‘severe consequences’ over the arrest of an executive of telecom company Huawei for breaking U.S. law and bypassing sanctions on Iran, while making millions doing business in the United States.

Trump Is Right About Climate Change, China, And The Democrats

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei founder and billionaire executive Ren Zhengfei, is still in a Canadian jail, awaiting extradition to America to stand trial. The country that currently holds over a million of its citizens in concentration camps called the arrest a violation of ‘human rights’. Oh, the irony.

The statement released by China accuses Canada of “severely violating the legal, legitimate rights of a Chinese citizen” and demands the person’s release. “Otherwise there will be severe consequences, and Canada must bear the full responsibility,” said the statement, which was posted online late Saturday, reported The Wall Street Journal.

China Is Behind Much Of What Is Happening To America

If you read Michael Pillsbury’s new brilliant book, The Hundred Year Marathon, he outlines the path China has been going down for decades as it quietly attempts to usurp the West as the dominant culture, and ideology, on the planet – one of totalitarian, communist control, that the West successfully fought in the 20th century. Pillsbury describes a strategy of using deceit to grow powerful and then striking when the West is too weak to do anything about their military and economic superiority.

Are we at that point?

Is China willing to start a war to get what it wants, all the while flouting U.S. law?

It seems we may be. At the very least, some unlucky American executive will most likely be thrown in jail. We cannot succumb to such behavior.

President Trump was right to finally confront the Chicoms. I’m sure he has played out this situation in his mind as he has done countless times before when confronting an adversary.

Stay the course Mr. President. These people aim to do us great harm.

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