Mr. Xi – Tear Down These Trade Walls!

Mothers’ Crusade for Victory over Communism

If there was ever an overt sign that the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers really want to continue the open-border raping of America, then today’s announcement that these groups, among other colluders, are banding together to publically oppose and attempt to defeat President Trump’s trade agenda, is that sign.

Democrats Can Never Be Allowed To Get Power Again

It is a sign from Hades.  

The fact that these people care nothing for the slaughter of the American heartland, the out-of-control opioid abuse that has killed God knows how many due to despair and loss of livlihood, is simply shocking (Although we knew they doing this before which led to the election of Donald Trump).

You see, free trade is not free if the other side cheats. These people know this. They know China is ripping off our technology. They know China forces American firms to partner with Chinese firms to take over the business and corporate knowledge, only to take the industry lead in the future. They know Canada has massive trade barriers to American products. They know NAFTA led to the hollowing out of American manufacturing.  

The problem is, they have become hooked on cheap migrant labor and cheap Chinese raw materials and manufactured products.

So, they are willing to sell their souls to keep the money train flowing. They are willing to sell your soul too, especially if you work in a coal mine, or if they can ship your job overseas, and import the product you used to make back to the United States for you to buy with your ‘guaranteed basic income’. 

In other words, they are fine with turning America into a market for the oligarchy. They are fine with China taking the national security lead over the United States, only to eventually threaten its sovereignty. They are fine with Chinese workers committing suicide because they live a life of slavery making the things you consume (with the crumbs they will allow you to have).  

President Trump is the only one to have the guts to talk about what is happening. He is the only one willing to do something about it.  

The elites haven’t noticed yet, but globalism is over. The American people have rejected their sellout of the country.  

There will not be a ‘blue wave’ in November. There will be an overwhelming, crushing, finishing of the job the Tea Party started a decade ago. A red tsunami is on the way.  

Putin Getting Played By China, Needs A Deal With Trump

We want our country back and we’re going to get it. No more raping of our country. No more endless wars. No more political correctness. No more socialism. No more Marxism.

Tell the Koch Brothers to move to China, along with Apple and Google. They can enjoy globalism over there.  

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