It’s Pretty Obvious By Now, Trump Is Facing A Coup

We are witnessing an organized coup against a sitting president of the United States.

I knew Washington was corrupt, but my God! The swamp had grown mighty disgusting under Obama’s reign of organized crime. The criminals are used to getting their way. Thank God for Donald J. Trump, otherwise, America would have been gone two years ago. Hillary would have delivered the death blow.

The elites in Washington have grown fat and arrogant over the last decade, feasting and gorging themselves on the fleecing of the heartland. This includes both sides of the aisle. The so-called Republican establishment is just as guilty; they are fighting Trump’s agenda just as hard as the Left.

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Trump was right: every president since Reagan was part of the cabal. It took a long time for this criminal scenario to develop and it will take time for it to be dismantled.

Donald Trump is fighting the media, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Deep State, China’s influence in D.C. — I wouldn’t be surprised if they are paying Democrats to act this way — the Soros-backed operatives, the corrupt Europeans, the Russians, the Iranians, and even the Canadians who have grown used to ripping off the American public.

For his part, Trump is drawing on his Scottish warrior roots, playing the part of Braveheart, in his David and Goliath moment. The spectacle is truly amazing to watch. The man is a force of nature, standing tall in a pit of swamp filth.

What makes it even more disgusting, and frightening, is that the swamp (for lack of a better word to call this organized crime syndicate) has its back against the wall. If Trump is allowed to succeed, all the roaches will be running around the kitchen, with nowhere to go. The crimes will be exposed. I have no doubt the Obama/Soros/Deep State rabbit hole runs very deep.

If a special prosecutor is allowed to lift the lid on the Justice Department, or our security apparatus, as to their behavior over the recent years, I have no doubt Americans would be shocked to their core at how corrupt and treasonous parts of it have become.

The swamp can’t let that happen.

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So, they are fighting with all their might, firing all their big guns, the encrypted apps between the media, the Deep State and the Establishment are buzzing with conspiratorial schemes and tactics. My fear is we have seen nothing yet. If they can’t stop him, they’ll have to kill him. The alternative is life in prison for sedition, even treason.

The cabal has stifled conservative speech on the internet, co-opted the criminal media, turned the Democrat Party into a ChiComm lookalike, and corrupted our security agencies. They have turned our legislative process into a freak show.

We are literally standing on the edge of the abyss. Luckily, America has chosen the red pill.

We will prevail in November, and in 2020. The alternative is unthinkable.

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