Democrats, Our Neo-Bolsheviks, Are Attempting To De-Legitimize Our Political Process, The Very Foundation Of Our Country

Yesterday, on one of the Leftist media channels, Stacy Abrams, the failed candidate for governor of Georgia, said of the recent poll in the state, “It was not a free and fair election.”

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There you have it. Democrats lose, so therefore our process must not be free and fair. Needless to say the party picked up dozens of House seats, probably due to election fraud in most cases; ie, illegals voting, dead people voting, ballots going missing, ballots being created, et cetera, et cetera.

It is becoming obvious that the Left (Marxists, ‘progressives’, communists, socialists, whatever you want to call them) cannot win elections and maintain power legally in the United States, therefore they have to cheat. If they cannot win even by cheating, they will delegitimize the entire process.

This is poison for our democracy; but of course, they don’t care.

I have written over and over again what Lindsey Graham said out loud in the recent Kavanaugh spectacle – The Democrats only want power. They don’t care how they get it. They don’t care about America.

As I have said before, they are Neo-Bolsheviks. The same kind that destroyed Russia a century ago, bent on destruction of the current system, with no idea how to replace it, only mayhem, death, and totalitarian control.

Democrats, Our Neo-Bolsheviks, Are Attempting To De-Legitimize Our Political Process, The Very Foundation Of Our Country

These people realize their ideas don’t work, and are not mainstream. They realize they cannot win over your average American patriot. Therefore, their illegal immigration idea was born – flood the country with people who they could control, people for whom they would find a way to vote, to create a permanent socialist majority for the elites, like Soros, Obama, Clinton.

But then came Donald J. Trump, and their dream, almost realized, was immediately lost. Hence, the violent resistance. His election had to be delegitimized and they have almost been successful.

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Stacy Abrams is a Neo-Bolshevik, trying to stir up the low-information voters to violence, to destroy any belief in the American system. You can go down the list of these Marxist politicians; they are all good communists, destroying the foundation of the most successful experiment in history for human self-governance.

Lenin would be proud. The only question is which one of these Marxists in the so-called Democratic Party, will be the new Stalin, and kill 20 million Americans for the good of the state.

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