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The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: The Democrats Are Naked Now, They Have No Clothes

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In Hans Christian Andersen’s parable about the boy who pointed out that the king had no clothes there’s the obvious point, which of course is that it took a little kid, someone unsullied by convention and unafraid of consequence to point out the obvious. But then there is another, more subtle and less obvious point: the boy was right; the king really was naked. Had the king in fact been adorned in all his customary finery, the boy’s comment would have been laughed off, his parents embarrassed and worried, and the kid himself would have earned a trip to the local loony bin. The parable only works because the boy pointed out something that was not only true, but obviously true. Something that everybody knew with certainty. The king had, in fact, no clothes.

So here is another truth that is evident to everyone: the Democratic Party, its apparatus, its elected officials, and its core voters support sexual perversion, oppose the Constitution, hate the symbols of American statehood, abhor American military and law enforcement forces, wish for American influence abroad to wither away and for the influence of America’s enemies to flourish, snicker at honest work and consider people who engage in it to be beneath them, consider America to have been illegitimately founded on the graves of indigenous peoples and slaves, reject the founding philosophy of America – that of rugged individualism and self-reliance and judge it to be a historical atavism that has no place in the modern world, and finally are simply bigoted against straight white people. Oh, and by the way, Democrats hate God.

The Hi-Tech Traditionalist: Americans Do Corruption Better Than The Russians

America is family. A traditional family of a man and a woman who love each other and form a strong bond in order to have children who are raised with love, structure, and tradition. It doesn’t always work that way; many times there are failures and abuses. But in most cases, with sacrifice from all, it does. And it is America’s strongest asset. Democrats hate families. They relentlessly promote everything that is antithetical to them like homosexuality, abortion on demand, and feminism.

America, like other nations who fought hard for their independence, places its soul in its symbols: the Old Glory, the National Anthem, the Presidential Seal. Countries that had their independence granted to them without a fight like Canada, often have “made-up”, inorganic symbols like the Canadian Maple Leaf flag that was not adopted as the national banner until 100 years after Canada was granted nearly full autonomy by Great Britain. Americans of all generations fought and sacrificed to maintain America’s freedom and add to its glory and prosperity. They fought under the American symbols of statehood and imbued them with their iron will and indeed their blood. Democrats hate the American Flag and the American National Anthem and see in them symbols of oppression rather than freedom, evil rather than good.

America has always been unashamed of using its military prowess to protect its interests at home and abroad. Soon after independence, the fledgling US Navy and Marine Corps were dispatched to the Mediterranean to fight the Barbary Coast pirates who were disrupting American trade and American commercial interests. The principle of the US government aggressively protecting America’s private commercial interests in the form of international trade and access to global natural resources is foundational to America’s prosperity and its success. Democrats hate America’s financial success and American prosperity. They see in them tools of oppression and perceive in the access that Americans enjoy to an oversize share of the planet’s resources an act of theft.

America is great because it is a country of law-abiding citizens imbued and blessed with a developed sense of justice and a low tolerance for the criminal element. While crime and lawlessness have always existed on the margins of American life in the new frontier towns of the Wild West or the immigrant communities of New York’s Little Italy or Boston’s Southie, the criminal element was never allowed to get out of hand. American criminals, like the fictional Corleone and the real life Kennedy families never wanted their offspring to remain in the shadows. They wanted them to be law-abiding, successful members of American society. Achieving the level of lawfulness that is enjoyed by Americans in a country as large and as diverse as America requires unbelievable commitment from millions of brave men and women of law enforcement. Democrats hate them all and wish them dead.

America is a team, but it is not a collective. Rather it is a collection of individuals who get up every morning and work the hardest they know how to make themselves and their loved ones as successful as they can be. When Americans take risks, whether it’s hitching up the wagon and heading out West or opening a new business, or quitting that job with an established corporation to join a startup, they do it as individuals. They risk their own capital and wellbeing, not anyone else’s. They do not expect to be picked up if they fail by anyone but their closest family. They win and they lose as individuals who play on a level playing field provided by their government. They do not whine or complain and when enough of them win, America wins. Democrats hate hardworking Americans. They particularly hate small business owners who risk all to get ahead in life. Democrats love government employees who risk nothing by mailing it in; unionized employees who booze it up during lunch breaks, VA managers who actually harm veterans, but who are impossible to fire. Democrats hate individual achievement.

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America was founded by people who, while not dogmatic about any religious rites and ceremonies, could not imagine that there was no higher power in the universe. They firmly believed that there was a Creator, a moral force, undying and unchanging, in Whose image we were all made and from whom alone we inherited our inalienable rights. For lack of a better word, they called Him God. Democrats hate God. In fact they reserve for Him their most vitriolic hatred, their vilest words and actions. Just like the Russian Bolsheviks of a century ago, they unconditionally believe, and rightly so, that godly people, people who believe in Him, are impossible to enslave. Thus the removal of God from the public square, the so-called separation of church and state, never intended by the Framers, who only wished to avoid religious coercion, is the absolute bedrock of Democratic dogma.

Trump’s actions, whether on religious freedom, or on pursuing a robust America First foreign policy, whether adhering to the letter of the Constitution by refusing to continue the illegal Obamacare subsidies to insurance companies, whether on calling out the fat cat players and owners of the NFL, are exposing the Democrats in their utter nakedness, their utter lack of love for anything and everything American.

Trump Is The Perfect Antidote To Progressive Poison

There is yet another moral to Andersen’s parable: once the boy said it, it could not be unsaid. No matter what the king or his flunkies did, the veil was off the people’s eyes and his nakedness was plain to see, never to be unseen. The Democrats’ hatred of America is so complete, so all-encompassing, and so thinly veiled, that Trump’s final act of tearing off that veil is as irreversible as the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The Democrats have been outed. They are done.

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