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Hungary Closes Border With Croatia, Migrants Flood Into Tiny Slovenia

Hungary Closes Border With Croatia, Migrants Flood Into Tiny Slovenia
Image by Robert Cotič

The tiny European nation of Slovenia, home to Melania Trump, is seeing thousands of migrants from North Africa and Syria pour over its borders after Hungary shut its border with Croatia to prevent entry. The ‘refugees’ are arriving by train and bus at the Slovenian-Croatian border, seeking passage to Germany, where everything is free.

“Croatian police said more than 5,000 migrants have entered the country since Hungary closed its border, illustrating a possible backlog of those whom Slovenia would not admit. UNHCR spokeswoman Caroline Van Buren said at Slovenia’s border with Croatia Saturday that “all is going well” as the first groups of migrants started arriving to the small Alpine nation,” reported Associated Press.

Hungary’s Border Wall Extremely Effective

“We have been in cold since two in the morning in Serbia,” said Omar Thaqfa, 33, from Mosul in Iraq. “We were sitting in the street. Very cold. Inshallah, I am going to Germany.”

Slovenia does not have the resources to stop the migration so is letting them pass on their way north, as long as Germany and Austria keep the doors open.

“We are going to focus even more on safety and security and order so our country can function normally…if destination countries begin adopting stricter measures at the border, Slovenia will follow suit,” said Prime Minister Miro Cerar.

Hungary Says Sanctions Threat By EU New Soros Attack

Hungary blocked its border after failing to get the European Union to send troops to secure its border.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the country was protecting its culture and its people’s security from a “mass wave of unidentified, uncontrolled migrants.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who many would say has caused this crisis, by turning on the giant German magnet of free stuff to the third world, said, “I am working with all my power for sustainable solutions, and they don’t depend on us Germans alone and will take time.”

Perhaps if Germany just said ‘no’ the flow would stop. However, that wouldn’t fit the globalist’s goals now would it?

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